You know if there were something I could change about humanity, it would be the sorting of people into groups that I would abolish… Not just as in races but with everything we classify people into. For example the logical and creative people, selfish and selfless people, upper class and lower class, fat and skinny etc…

Why do we need these different levels of people? It only creates space for a lot of discrimination and prejudice. For me, I believe we all fit into every kind of class there is… I don’t believe there are any selfless people out there. I believe we all have every known trait within us… and the thing that makes everyone individual is how high they tune each trait. also it all depends on ones perception. To me I could be of a normal weight, to my family I could be seen as overweight and to friends I could be seen as skinny… People judge each other by what they see, not knowing the full story…

The other day I was at a friend’s afternoon braai and as we left the braai each person was allowed to take a bar of chocolate that sat in a big basket by the door. No one sat and made sure that every person took one each, there were no rules made either because there were more than enough to go around. So I take two as I leave. I notice someone look at me frowning as if in disgust and I realise they think I am being greedy person, taking two for myself, when in actual fact I was taking the second one for a beggar that I knew sat on a road that was on my way home.

Now for that person at the braai I am known as a greedy pig but for the beggar on the side of the road, I am considered giving. Which am I? … Do I have to be one or the other? Can’t we all just be different without any classifications? We’d probably also have less wars if this were so…

You know, why do a lot of South Africans hate Americans when they have never even met one? I find this fascinating… When some South Africans have people complaining about certain American programmes and then they judge the whole American population for being the same when in truth half the American population hate the same programme, they just don’t know it.

There is so much more I would like to say about this topic but I’m hoping you catch my point. please leave your comments. I’d love to hear your point of view as well.

Peace out equals.



Hi all!

So today has been quite a big day for me! I received my matric results and have been accepted into a university!

I think the best part of that is knowing that the course I will be studying is one that I want to be studying… I no longer am forced to learn the subjects that bore me. I am doing what I want to and what inspires me. Dramatic Arts… a subject that drives me and that I have a passion for.

And for me I find that if one isn’t doing what they want to in life, or if they are not happy, then they cannot allow themselves to grow as a person, spiritually and emotionally. Sure no one will always be happy forever but that is the indication that one needs to change or redirect their thoughts and then life can and will continue in a better way, even if it doesn’t seem like it…

Many people are afraid of change, I try to embrace change, sure it can be daunting and confusing and scary but if we look at the situation in time we can still mould an inevitable change to work in our favour… We need not be afraid of change as much as we are afraid of it… Knowledge is power, if you know how to change the change, you can control the change.

I say this because i realised that things can go bad and things can bring us down, but if we allow it too then it dictates our lives… it’s time for us to take it back and I wish to point out that we control our own lives.

Lets live it and enjoy it!

Give views and opinions! ;P

A Random Piece

For days I have wondered what to write about and post and every post I have written I have discarded… Today I am just going to write.

I’ll start by giving a belated ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ and early ‘HAPPY NEW YEARS!!’

Even for those that do not celebrate christmas, I hope you had a wonderful day and I hope that everyone will have an amazing new years day.

After returning from a holiday with a whole group of my friends I am more than grateful to be home and have learnt a couple valuable lessons… Going on holiday with friends is not as cracked up as some people- or your mind- make it out to be…

The day after the return I have an accident… BAM! Just like that. It happened so fast I didn’t even feel the pain of hitting my head against the windscreen or even much pain after that. Haha. I am one of the lucky ones and am grateful… Let me just add and I’m sorry if any of you develop any fears after this but the drip that the paramedics put in my arm was more painful than the accident… -_- …It doesn’t make sense to me either…

Then came the time to put up the christmas tree and nothing made me happier than seeing the smile on my love’s face as he helped me decorate the tree. Even though his OCD tendencies made him rearrange my decorations I was thrilled to at least be a part of his christmas. A moment like that is something that will be cherished forever.

Now christmas is over and the New Years resolutions are to be written… Just remember the difference between a resolution and a goal. I was reminded yesterday of the difference and here a quick site that will help you if you don’t remember or don’t know the difference…


write down those resolutions and get someone to help you to stick with them and if you don’t know what resolutions to make, just write New Year goals for the year. When the year has ended read those resolutions or goals and mark off which ones you achieved. You may be quite surprised.

Anyway, I hope the best for everyone with their goals and resolutions and if you have none just have a fantastic year!

Enjoy it, live it, love it!!

A nursery rhyme?

Have you ever thought about that nursery rhyme that we all ended up singing while it rained? ‘its raining its pouring the old man is snoring he went to bed and he bumped his head and he couldn’t get up in the morning’


Who was smoking what when they wrote that?  Its a terrible song for children to be singing! As a child I always imagined a fragile lonesome man that rolled over in his sleep and hit his bedside table and just died. I’d often think that the poor man would lay there suffering for ages, dying before anyone noticed, depreeeeesing! Or that his family would find him dead and realise that their grandfather, father, brother, uncle, whatever he may be has died and they couldnt do anything to help it… Another heart breaking idea.

I dont know what else that person thought kids would think with that song. Definately wouldn’t have been thinking that the old man is still ok. I don’t think any children actually enjoyed the words to the song, they just sang it because it was catchy and/or raining. Unless they were phycopathic….

Now while its pouring down where I am, I’m absolutely loving the rain but I cannot fully enjoy it because I am plagued by the thought of this dying man.

The choice of words in that song is baffling. My only conclusion is that the song was made for people to pick up pshycopathic children or maybe the writer wrote the song with the intention of making children little devil-spawn phycopathic killers in the rain…

So in an attempt to lose my terrible image Of the dying man so that I can enjoy the rain, I googled its meaning… well -_-

Not exactly what I wanted to read but still interesting that some seemingly useless nursery rhyme actually had a seriously deep meaning.

The website I stumbled upon gives you three different versions. Take a minute to read it and let me know what you thinking…


Are we Alone?

So this has nothing to do with religion, in case some of you think im heading in that direction, im not…. but have you actually sat and thought about the fact that we are either alone in the universe, or we are not…

The thought of being completely alone in our huge universe is kinda scary… and lonely… dont you think? All these galaxies empty and then our random milky way, with our random earth that is just randomly humanly colonised. To me it kind of seems like that idea is somewhat self-centered…

Or, we arent alone and there is some other life on another earth-like planet across the universe. Who knows what they could be, they could be the alien-like creatures in E.T. or maybe like the one in Paul. They could possibly be humans, like us… maybe more evolved or even not as evolved… Maybe they could be like the Avatars. Maybe their planet is overrun by giant human-ants… the possibilities could in fact be endless.

I don’t know if this thought has ever occured to you but maybe the core ideas of some other-worldly movies came from other’s lives… whether it was a past life on another planet or maybe even just a random glimpse of another’s life… Maybe we -all life across the universe- send unseen memories or thoughts of our life into space and they randomly travel around until someone randomly breathes it in and glimpse the message and think its an idea that they created and then direct a movie out of it or write a book about it…

That would be pretty cool. Middle earth would exist somewhere and so would Alagaesia, from the books Eragon… although if that theory were correct then the vampires of twilight would also exist somewhere amongst the stars… who knows… there could be anything out there… or perhaps nothing… what would you guys hope for? I for one would hope that we are not alone, I would be very creeped out if we ran into some colonising-crazed species that tries to take over our world, but I hope that we arent alone…

Dreaming away…


Wow… I kind of wish I could somehow have a video record button in my dreams that allowed me to replay it to the rest of the world. To me, my dreams are normal, they are amazing and entertaining. To others they are just plain weird… Anyone else have a similar situation? I’m interested in your dreams, go ahead tell me yours.

I always wonder what my dreams mean and tell myself to read up on dream interpretation but never get around to it… What in the world could a black polar bear that materialises from three floating marbles- actually looking like a panda- that is able to possess people, mean? Then again I did once dream that I was pregnant and I researched it and I was told that it meant something good was going to happen in my life or there would be new beginnings and pretty soon after I got together with my current boyfriend. ♥♡The love of my life♡♥. Both a new beginning and something amazing…. so what can I say?

Tell me what your opinions about dreams are and your view on dream interpretations… I’d love to read them!

Starting Up

So I’m sitting at home when I finally decide to create my blog… What’s my domain name going to be? What am I going to post about? What is my family going to think? Will my friends laugh at me?   -_-   ‘Who knew creating something like a blog would be so daunting?’ I wondered, but then I remembered what I wanted to do.

I want to talk about my passions and your passions, to talk to the people that also have crazy dreams, wants, thoughts and ideas and I want to create inspiration through each other. I want my voice to be heard and I want to hear what you have to say.

This is a place where you can express who you are, say what you want to do and what you like to do without being judged. A place where anyone can feel encouraged and be that one-in-a-million person talking to another one-in-a-million.

I don’t think anyone out there is crazy for wanting what they want and thinking what they think. What you feel is who you are. There are no lies in feelings, so go ahead, tell me what you feel and think, about anything. Tell me your dreams and what you want. I am interested in what you have to say and I’m looking forward to it. 🙂