A Thought About Society

You know what I find interesting?
What I find interesting is how society has built up walls and built up safety measures that separate us from one another. Even though, we are in the exact same space!
We’re trying so hard to be one group, to be a unit but while doing so society denies the fact that we all, are in essence, unique and different.

Why? Why does it want to do this? I can’t seem to understand it, because even those that seem to fit into the conventions and ‘rules’ of that society don’t… If you look deep enough you’ll find that person is not ‘perfect’ enough to fit into that society. That there is something that if it were out in the open and free, other members would cast that person aside and exclude them.

Is it for this reason, have filters on our images all the time, to hide our truths? To hide our beauty and uniqueness to fit in?

I believe, in order for us all to truly stand together we need to accept each other’s differences. And not just the obvious differences, in ALL differences. To truly stand together our idea of society needs to change. Many people’s idea of society now causes separation and segregation.

If we break away from the society we are trying so hard to fit in to we would all have automatically achieved a new level of awareness and togetherness. Being in this state forces a person to see and accept another’s differences.

However, having said this how can we accept difference in others if we can’t in ourselves?

How can we all accept each other in a new concept society when we live in one that currently excludes so many others?



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