Organisational Systems

So as I sit and think about what it is that I am going to write. I remember the million other things I am supposed to be doing as a very busy university student. Yet my level of procrastination is too high to drive me not to write out something on this WordPress blog.  So in an attempt to make myself feel better I am writing about the importance of having a system.

I wouldn’t say that I’m an unorganised person, I’d rather call myself a ‘deal-with-it-when-I-get-there’ kind of person. Now this has it’s benefits as much as it has it disadvantages. Being in university, it really helps having a system and goals set. I never realised how much it would actually help one get through the chaos mess created by assignments and stress.

So now, as you can imagine I am struggling when it comes to creating a system for myself. I don’t even know where to start and what I prefer to do when it comes to these systems. I really should have paid attention when they explain organisation and helpful systems in school. I may have been one step ahead today, oh well what ya gonna do?

All I can do now is try to come up with some system for myself. I have started writing down everything that needs to be done in an order of priority and so far it seems to be helping.  What I need to do now as well is to write down some fixed goals. I have goals but they aren’t fixed. They float around and it is easy to confuse them amongst the other thoughts in your mind.

So I guess job one to do after posting this is:

To write some goals…. after getting all the other important jobs done first… 😛


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