New Starts

So our exam went better than I expected and I am glad that it is over. My holiday was fantastically long, it gave me a nice break where I was able to wrap my head around the idea of more group work in the future. Now I am in my second semester of varsity in the second week and we have already been split into groups again.

I am slightly more comfortable than before though. I feel prepared, like I know what to expect and I feel like I have more control. I have a lot of hope for our project this semester which is to create a play out of a short story and then to perform the play. There are four people in my group, including myself. The difference this semester is that people have realised that varsity is a little more difficult than they thought and that it requires a lot more effort than before. So this semester I am looking at it in hope and enthusiasm.

I hope everyone has been well!


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