The ‘Imperfections’

People live their lives trying so hard to be perfect… regardless of what people tell them they still try to just be… perfect. But what is it to be perfect? Everyone can have their own view on what they think it is to be perfect and here is mine.

I believe one has reached perfect when they have understood and come to terms with their ‘imperfections’, especially the ones that they cannot change, also being able to decide, on their own terms, if the ‘imperfetions’ they can change is worth changing, if they want to. When one is able to accept themselves for who they are and not care what people, the internet and other social media say about them and their ‘imperfections’ then the person has reached a peaceful perfect, they will be able to grow and be who they are and live their lives exactly how they want it to be lived.

Before I have written the word, imperfections, in quotation marks and I have done so because I would like to ellaborate what I feel about that word… I used that word because that is what the world calls what a trait that is not perfect, but again I will ask what is perfect? I have given my opinion but that varies for everyone in the world. I find that ‘imperfections’ in people and everything in life is what makes us and it so beautiful! What does a perfect sky look like? That is also an opinion that varies but lets say, clear blue, as an example. That would make the clouds and the variety of colours from morning till night the sky’s ‘imperfections’ ….. But notice that many people adore and admire the many different ‘imperfections’ the sky has so why can’t we all embrace our ‘imperfections’ or for a better phrase our ‘clouds and colours’.

Our clouds and colours are what make us who we are. It is what people love in us and granted not everyone will love them but who cares? They don’t have to love your clouds and colours, only you do in order to make yourself a beautiful and perfect sky. This photo was taken around the same time everyday at sunset of the sky for about 100 days and I hope it emphasises my message.


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